Alva Susilo Shares His Tips on Trends, Styling and How to Look Good All the Time

Take note, gentlemen, for these are the tips to look good from none other than Alva Susilo.

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Looking good is great but looking good with a hint of a great sense of style? Even better. And talking about a sense of style, stylist and entrepreneur Alva Susilo surely knows a thing or two about that. We caught up with Susilo, who currently resides in Bali, about styling tips, current trends and many more.

DA MAN: What are the top five fashion items that every gentleman needs?
Alva Susilo:
The top five fashion items that every gentleman will need, in my opinion, are:

  1. White linen shirt
  2. Regular cut washed jeans
  3. Semiformal dinner jacket
  4. Clean white sneakers
  5. Oversized bowling shirt

DA: What are the do’s and don’ts when it comes to deciding on your personal style?
The dos are:

  • Find references according to your body type
  • Find inspirations for the kind of event or mood you are going for
  • Monochrome or monotone always works well; try subtle colors first like blue, brown or gray, and mix in colors like black and white to balance it out
  • Steam or iron your clothes beforehand; neat is always great
  • Pick an item you want to wear first and match the rest of the items after
  • The less the accessories the better; a nice watch or a nice ring would be nice for a cleaner look
  • Always make sure your clothes aren’t too tight and you can move comfortably
  • Plan your outfits ahead and do it when your mood is good; it really helps

While my don’ts would be:

  • Put on too many brand logos in one look
  • Wear trends that don’t go with your body proposition
  • Tuck in your long sleeve shirt with jeans
  • Wear an item too often because you love it while having so many items on your closet;, your clothes would love you to rotate and wear them evenly

DA: How do you incorporate trends in personal style without looking like a slave to trends?
By simply knowing yourselves in terms of cut, color and comfort, you will find your personal style and leaves an impression.

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DA: What patterns should men invest on, other than checks and stripes?
I think men should invest on artsy prints such as illustrations, tie-dye and abstract patterns

DA: Which recent trend is overrated? Which ones are underrated?
Trying to look like a “hype beast” when it’s totally not the style you’d go for in your daily or personal life. I think it’s really cringe-worthy. I think the most overrated trend is logomania because not many people can carry the look and you need attitude to look cool in it. Oh, and also denim on denim is hard to pull off without the right pieces. Underrated trends for me would be men wearing pastels and men in unique items such as sleeveless sweaters, reflective pants or small female handbags on men. I think it’s really cool as long as you know how to style them.

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DA: Is understanding contrast important for men? If so, what is the best way to incorporate contrasting colors into one’s wardrobe?
Oh, yes, it is! The best way would be to get to know your colors first, then comfortably mix two to three of your favorite colors that are still in sync. For me, it would be best to mix really dark color items and really soft color items into the look.

DA: What is the most underrated fashion item that every man should really have?
Silk shirt or pants! It’s so sexy and luxurious when you style it simple and clean.

Outfit by BIASA

DA: Any tips on how to use patterns to flatter a person’s body type?
Best way to pick patterns would be to match it with your personality. But to flatter your body type, I would say slimmer men should wear big bold patterns and bigger men should wear subtle or simple patterns on their outfits.

DA: And lastly, can you share us some of your ultimate style tips?
The easiest top three styling tips for me would be:

  1. Nice fitting white loose shirt with relaxed cut pants that isn’t jeans
  2. Oversized shirt will look nicer paired with a body-hugging tee and tucked in relaxed cut short pants
  3. Own a matching lazy set such as jogger and hoodies or a short-sleeved shirt and pants set that you can always wear anytime you are feeling lazy
Shorts by Balmain, Sneakers by Onitsuka Tiger