All Hail the King of Perfume House

ROYAL SNOBS. Hardly any house of perfumery could walk with its nose in the air like Atkinsons




Having been in the business of fragrances since 1799, it has practically earned the right to brag about its credentials of having enjoyed “200 years of perfume snobbery.”

Founder James Atkinson once held the respectable post of official perfumer to the Royal Court of England and also served a host of aristocratic clientele from around the world.


Atkinsons original shop on Bond street London
Atkinsons’ original shop on Bond Street, London


The brand is also very proud of its bear emblem, one that’s dressed rather gentlemanly.

Now available at Glow Living Beauty, Plaza Indonesia, Atkinsons is re-introducing the “Oud Save the King” eau de parfum. Redolent with clean sandalwood and soothing oud, this premium scent is well suited to urban style snobs.