Alexander McQueen Introduces McQueen Music

Music from Alexander McQueen to calm your soul.

These past few weeks—months, for some—have been hard. Detaching from the outside world and staying indoors is sometimes not as easy as it sounds. And while speaking of sounds, fashion brand Alexander McQueen has launched a new initiative called #McQueenMusic to help ease the mind of those currently housebound. Through the brand’s new Spotify channel, followers can stream playlists and songs taken from previous McQueen fashion shows in the comfort of their own home.

The playlist is curated by John Gosling, who has been responsible for the the soundtracks for Alexander McQueen shows for more than twenty years now. So far, he has edited a selection totalling around nine hours featuring orchestral numbers and vogue techno pop songs from past shows. In addition, classical compositions from Mozart and instrumental tracks from the movies “Arrival” and “Interstellar” are also included in the playlist to provide ethereal and calming sounds that is much needed at the moment.

More playlists will be added to the Spotify channel in the future, as the brand is also working on with more collaborators including Isobel Waller Bridge and the London Contemporary Orchestra who composed and performed the live soundtrack for the McQueen Spring/Summer 2020 women’s show.