Acqua di Parma Celebrates 100th Anniversary

An anniversary book is published as an ode to the perfume house’s hometown, the Italian city of Parma


acqua di parma


Turning 100 years old is a big deal, obviously. That’s why, to celebrate its centennial anniversary this year, Acqua di Parma is releasing a two-volume book.

Entitled “Essere Parma,” the book is Acqua di Parma’s tribute to the one place where it all began 100 years ago: Parma, a city in northern Italy, known for its art and cuisine.

Published in collaboration with Mondadori Electa, “Essere Parma” is divided into a novel by Antonella Boralevi and a book of photographs shot by Giovanni Gastel. Both volumes are centered around Parma and together, they reflect one another to depict the past and present state of the city.

Additionally, the perfume house has also launched a dedicated site for the 100th anniversary celebration where anyone can learn more about Acqua di Parma’s incredible history.