A Closer Look Bomberg’s “Skull Rider”

DROP THE BOMB. Bored of the same old typical timepiece and looking for something that can better express your inner bad boy? New Swiss watchmaker Bomberg may be what you seek

If you get bored with the same old, same old, then meet Bomberg. This young brand has released perhaps Switzerland’s most audacious designs. From watches to rings, each creation stands out. Chief among them is the BOLT-68 Automatic “Skull Rider.” Inspired by classic biker culture, this ticker has a skull, wings, spikes, nuts and bolts that will surely leave a lasting impression. Yet there’s more from this Swiss-made accessory: Slide the bezel around to take off the watch head; you can put it on a handlebar on your bike instead. With three different color combinations on offer, the “Skull Rider” and the rest of Bomberg’s bold collections can be found at the Interval store and Top Watch in Jakarta, and Time of Perfection in Surabaya.