A Transformative Journey with newcomer model Vincent Koenig

Up-and-coming European model Vincent Koenig shares his passion for mental health issues and the importance of supporting one another

While there’s no shortage of people who care about mental health, few are willing to become advocates for those struggling with them. Vincent Koenig, a relative newcomer in the modeling world, is ready to break the silence and bring his unique perspective to the world of fashion and mental health advocacy. Koenig’s own experiences with depression and anxiety have inspired him to become a voice for those who struggle to be heard.

Cardigan by J. Lindeberg; Sunglasses by Tom Ford

Constantly focusing on personal growth and inspiring others, Koenig is on a transformative journey toward becoming the person he is destined to be, all while pursuing a career in pro modelling.

DAMAN: Can you give us a brief introduction to yourself?
Vincent Koenig: I am 23 years old I’ve lived in Los Angeles—my dream state—for the past two years, soaking up the rays of sunshine and many peaceful walks on the beach. I was born in a small city in Wisconsin called Manitowoc, which had a population of 32,000 people at that time. I thought that was very big until I moved out in early 2021. Most of the time, you can find me doing simple things like hiking or working out. Physical and mental fitness is very important to me. Sharp body, sharp mind. As I’ve been growing up, I am more passionate about the well-being of myself and others and about creating a safe space for people with mental health issues.

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DA: How would you sum up your journey as a model?
VK: I could describe this in many ways. I started like most people do, attending auditions all over my city with a dream of one day getting into a magazine and spreading my voice to the world. I am grateful to be in this magazine as this opportunity is great.

Blazer by J. Lindeberg; Sweater by Zadig&Voltaire; Pocket Square by Aloha Glamour

DA: You’re well known as an advocate for mental health issues. What inspired you to take on this role?
VK: Growing up with depression and anxiety, I always had a different take on the world. I didn’t see it in black and white; I saw it in colors: Some days are bright and vibrant and others dark and lonely. My goal has always been and will always be to inspire others and give those without a voice a chance to tell the world what matters most.

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DA: What do you see as the most pressing mental health issue that we as a society are facing today?
VK: I could talk about mental health conditions far and wide because there are many, but currently, we face a connection problem. We are so connected online, looking at where and what we can do, that we forget to look at what we are or who we are—the uniqueness that makes us special.

Blazer by J.Lindeberg; T-shirt by John Varvatos; Pocket Square by Aloha Glamour

DA: Mental health issues very often go unnoticed or undiagnosed. What are some of the most critical signs that somebody struggles with mental health problems?
VK: What I feel is most important to watch out for when checking in on people are signs of withdrawal from social situations and life in general. When someone changes their personality, no matter how small, it could be a sign of needing help or a little extra support. Something to also look out for as we navigate our mental health journey together is our peer having a sense of hopelessness or feeling overwhelmed. Take care of each other as we are all we have.

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DA:  How can we become more supportive of the mental well-being of those around us?
VK: Once again—and I can’t stress this enough—check-in. We need each other. In a society where we are told to hide our emotions and take drugs for our mental health, we need that ear and connection of a friend who cares deeply for us once in a while.

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DA: What’s something simple that we can do every day to improve our mental condition?
VK: Go outside, take a moment in the sun, say “hi” to a stranger, feel the breeze on a summer day, close your eyes, center yourself with the universe and know you are not alone and will never be alone. Know that you have the power to do and accomplish everything that you want in this life.

Shirt & pants by John Elliott; T-shirt by James Perse

DA: What are your goals and hopes for the rest of the year and beyond?
VK: I started this year very unsure of my future and now that I have been modeling for the past months. It’s very clear that I’m just starting on my journey to become who I’m meant to be. With growth and development come amazing changes and I look forward to embarking on the journey into the man I want to be.

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Jacket by J.Lindeberg; Sweater by Zadig&Voltaire; Jeans by John Varvatos; Hat by Goorin Bros.


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