A Runway in Full Bloom

FLOWER POWER. Like pink, it is said that only real men can wear floral prints the right way. Here is how high-fashion is reassuring us that going floral isn’t a bad thing

Alexander McQueen

Despite its feminine connotations, this season sees floral patterns out in full force. From big bright bloomy motifs to dark and delicate interpretations, floral prints are a definite trend this season. Designers such as Dries Van Noten, Gucci and Kenzo are even daring enough to create head-to-toe floral looks. Alexander McQueen, meanwhile, offered an even bolder twist with a blazer where the floral pattern is embroidered into the garment, creating a 3D effect with textured flowers that pops out from the garment. This is definitely a unique way to make you stand out.

Dior Homme



Paul Smith

Dries Van Noten