A Mechanical Parody of the Apple Watch

NOT WHAT IT SEEMS. You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking the H. Moser Swiss Alp Watch Zzzz was an Apple Smartwatch. The truth is it’s a mechanical watch in disguise

Late last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that the revenue produced by its Apple Watch was higher than any watch brand out there, except Rolex. Does this mean that Swiss watchmakers need to rethink their products and go the way of connected timepieces? Well, according to H. Moser & Cie., a high-end Swiss watchmaker that recently released the Swiss Alp Watch Zzzz, that’s not the way to go. Instead of replacing the intricate internal clockworks that Swiss-made watches are known for, and opt for the cold electronics found in connected watches, the watchmakers simply duplicated the looks of Apple watch but kept it mechanical.

Yes, it’s a 100-percent mechanical watch whose only function is to tell time. None of those bells and whistle you would find in a typical connected watch. But what’s the point, you may ask. That’s actually the novelty of it all. An ordinary watch that helps you truly connect with the people around you, not distract you with every little message that comes in. If you’re still not getting the joke, you may need to watch the Swiss Alp Watch ad campaign video. You can find the video below.

The pure black dial of the timepiece is supposed to replicate an Apple Watch in standby mode or sleep mode, hence the Zzzz in its name. But unlike its electronic counterpart, one can still clearly tell the time, minus the need to press any buttons. The black dial is stripped of any signature or even indices, featuring only two gold-leafed hands. The essence of its simplicity brings out the true beauty of this timepiece. There is also a Swiss Alps Watch Brrr that comes with a blue fumé dial, which is as beautiful to wear as the Zzzz.

Another standing difference from the H. Moser Swiss Alp Watch and the Apple Watch is its price. One will only need to fork out a few hundred dollars to get the leading smartwatch, while a Swiss Alps Watch Zzzz will set you back around $27,000. Not only that, each Swiss Alp Watch is produced in limited quality, with each model only limited to 20 pieces. Being a very rare collector’s item, chances are the price of this timepiece will only increase in time.