A Masterclass in Minimalist Design: Braun X Paul Smith

Braun’s latest collaboration with design and fashion magnate Paul Smith is one to look out for. Elevating the former’s minimalist design language with its signature colored stripe, these pieces are at once pleasant on the eyes and look very sharp.

Featuring clean lines, the Paul Smith x Braun collection is an unmistakable icon. Pairing German watchmaking prowess with Britain’s premier fashion and design company, the resulting pieces are nothing short of tasteful, clean, and timeless – all the qualities that make for a future classic.

This collaboration resulted in several pieces, among which is this unmistakably Braun watch. Reminiscent of the glory days of Bauhaus design, this watch features all of the essential information, with printed hour markers and minute markers, as well as Paul Smith’s name printed right below the pinion. Equipped with a stainless steel mesh strap, this watch pairs very well with itself thanks to the white dial and the satisfying splashes of colors spread around on the dial. Most notably the splash of blue sitting right above the date frame.

Adding yet another pleasant splash of color is Braun’s iconic yellow second hand which has been ever so slightly modified to meet Paul Smith’s trademark feature – the multi-colored stripe which slowly transitions from orange where the hand meets the pinion to the same shade of light blue at the tip, perfectly tying in the visual cues of the piece, giving it a very compelling, complete look that is at once minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing all at the same time.

This collection also features a large analog wall clock which features many of the same design cues; the multi-colored stripe, printed numerals, and minute track, with the most notable difference found on the minute and hour hands which feature black tips, making it extremely legible no matter which room you look at it from.

The last piece of the collection is a classic travel analog alarm clock that retains many of the design cues of its brethren with a few additional twists. With the handset being the most notable. The alarm clock features baton hands in black with splashes of white on the tips of the hands which aids with legibility, as well as a white alarm hand which features a splash of blue on the tip, giving it a fresh, modern look that is unmistakably Braun. The alarm clock also features a button on the top which sports blue accents, giving it an even more pleasant look.