9 Male Model Skincare Rituals for a Naturally Healthy Glow

It’s time that we dispelled the myth that men don’t—and shouldn’t—care about their skin by taking a close look at what professional male models are doing to get the perfect glowing skin. And it’s not just what they use on their skin but also what they’ve been doing that really matters.

One of the things that sets male models apart from other good looking men is their almost flawless skin. More often than not, that is the result of a very specific ritual of skincare routines as well as a list of healthy-living habits.

So, for this feature, we took a closer look at what these pro models are doing that we all can try ourselves in our quest for beautiful and naturally glowing skin:

1. Wash your face once a day…

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You might want to stop washing your skin more than twice a day. The oil on your face is, in fact, a natural face moisturizer. And a certain amount is needed for your facial skin to remain balanced. Male models would usually wash their face in the morning and then spot dry with a clean towel followed with toning products instead of washing their face while showering. They would later wash their faces at night after the day is done.

2. ..and use cold water

Another basic rule in the male model’s skincare routine is to always wash with cold water. This is something that U.K. top male model Oliver Chesire reportedly does after showering. Why? To close up your pores and protect your skin from air pollution.

3. Skipping sunscreen (sometimes) is okay

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While conventional wisdom dictates that we put on sunscreen every day, it can actually clog your pores. Sunscreen has also been found to hinder the body’s ability to create vitamin D, which boosts elasticity and collagen production. When spending time outdoors and exposing yourself to sunlight isn’t in your agenda for the day, just use a moisturizer instead.

4. What they avoid…

Male models are really mindful of what they put in their bodies, including when it comes to things that can impact their skin. These are, among others:

Excess dairy: Prone to cause a build-up of excess fat which leads to acne

Sugar: Aside from potentially causing weight issues, sucrose can lead to inflammation and breakouts. Sugar itself can also accelerate the formation of wrinkles and fine lines on your skin. On top of that, sugar binds to and destroys collagen molecules which the skin needs to stay supple and youthful

Dark sodas: These contains pore-clogging substances that age your skin horribly, while the syrup robs the skin of its natural elasticity

Alcohol and caffeine: Dehydrates the skin and causes inflammation. Most male models stay away from both before a photo shoot.

Food high in iodine: Cranberries, strawberries, yogurt, milk and potatoes have high levels of iodine and can cause inflammation or acne.

Cigarettes: Contains chemicals which reduce the blood flow to your face and drain your body of vitamins and minerals, discoloring and drying out your skin. Smoking also makes your skin age faster, causing sagging and premature wrinkles.

5. And what they do consume

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

It’s obvious that a male model is required to eat lots of fruits and vegetables while also taking extra vitamin C, K, D and E. Rather less well known are these parts of their diet:

Anti-inflammatory food: Tomatoes, olive oil, dark leafy greens, almonds, salmon, mackerel and oranges help avoid inflammation, which is one of the factors behind redness in the skin and premature wrinkling.

Lemon water: A glass a day is not just a great source of extra vitamin C which helps prevent aging but also for detoxing the body.

Dark chocolate: Anything with 70-percent dark chocolate content is rich in flavonoids—antioxidants which help prevent aging, sun damage and create a healthy glow.

Foods high in healthy fats: Salmon, mackerel, dark leafy vegetables, flax seed, walnuts and herring contains Omega-3 that makes your skin look plump, reduces inflammation and prevents acne scarring. Also helpful is biotin—also known as vitamin B7—which is found in eggs, salmon, avocado and cheese.

6. Sleep on your back

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Sleeping face-down or on your side means that you are applying pressure on your face. This increases the likelihood of premature wrinkling. On top of that, both sleeping positions can also affect your backbone as well as your jaw—which could lead to narrowing of your jaw and making your teeth untidy. Hence, the best sleeping position is on your back.

7. Put frozen spoons on your eyes

Keep a spoon that fits the size of your eye area in the freezer overnight and place it over your eyes the morning. This DIY technique done by male models is a better alternative to eye gels which will help your under-eye bags disappear faster.

8. Drink gallons of water

Anwar Hadid with girlfriend Dua Lipa sharing a water bottle. Picture by FIA Pictures

The main and probably most essential secret to having great skin is hydration. Especially for men thirty and over, hydration is the number one way to retain elasticity and plumpness. In addition to moisturizing at least two times a day, male models would drink a gallon or more of water each day.

9. Meditate and Yoga

Photo by theformfitness from Pexels

The fast pace of our modern life causes quite a lot of stress. Uncertain sleeping hours also wreaks havoc on our skin. During fashion weeks or fashion events, male models might only have time to sleep for a maximum of three to four hours before hitting the runway and carrying on with their usual activities. In order to de-stress, male models are known to allocate 15-30 minutes to meditate and do yoga.