5 Things to Save When Spring Cleaning This Year

STILL IN STYLE. If you’re considering on updating your wardrobe this year when spring cleaning comes around, make sure to not discard these still relevant fashion staples

Louis Vuitton on the runway

Like Heidi Klum says in every episode of “Project Runway”, “In fashion, sometimes you’re in and sometimes you’re out.” With 2017 behind us and a new seasonal collection ready to fill your wardrobe with the latest styles, it’s probably time to do some spring cleaning. But before you start filling those garbage bags and donate the contents that were ‘so last year’, you may want to hang on to somethings that have yet to lose the fashion luster it had last year. Here is a list of some fashion items you may want to hang on to, at least until the season ends.

Cuban Collars

Cuban Collar - DAMAN Style Spring Summer 2017

Outfit by Prada

For some reason the Cuban collar was received with much praise last year, being seen worn by anybody from high street to high end. The comfortable and practical style of the Cuban collar is sure to return this summer, so you may want to hang on to your collection. Just avoid those loud Hawaiian prints of last year and go for a more mellow floral style or plain color.

Retro Sportswear

Outfit by Alexander Mcqueen

Sportswear has seen a rise in fashion ranks over the years and this year sees no difference. If you were into the 90s inspired urban sportswear that were all the rage last year, you’ll be glad to know that the look is still valid as ever this year. So no need to get rid of those stylish two-piece tracksuit you love so much.

Vertical Stripes

Reza Rahadian in Paul Smith

Well, it’s hard to say whether vertical stripes have ever not been in fashion, but last year the stripes took on a more chunky style, reminiscent of the 50s. Looking at the many runway shows for the upcoming season, it looks as though stripes are still in style. Whether it be on a balzer, simple t-shirt or stylish shirt, you are sure to add style to your look with some stripes. Just don’t pair the look with something floral.

Utilitarian Jackets


Turtleneck sweater by John Varvatos, jacket by Sacoor Brothers,
pants by Paul Smith, shoes by Pedro

Although baggy multi-pocketed cargo pants were something to avoid last year, the multi-pocketed jacket or utilitarian jacket somehow made a big hit with the fashion savvy. Many big name fashion brands put their signature touches on this fashion piece, creating several unique looks. Not only stylish, but the many pockets of the utilitarian jacket gives it function, something many men seek, to look good but not just for the sake of style.

Wide-leg Pants


Louis Vuitton

Oversized outfits were literally a big thing last year, and it looks as though the style is here to stay. One such style is the wide-leg pant that gave a free-flowing silhouette to those that wore them. Although some have found it hard to move away from their skinny jeans, you will be glad to know that the style is making a comeback this year. So, if you happen to purchase a few, but have yet to try them on, now is the time.