5 Reasons To Workout in CALVIN KLEIN Performance

It’s time to level up your fitness with CALVIN KLEIN PERFORMANCE! The new and updated silhouettes feature innovative and modern designs that make them perfect for your workout and your weekend.

Here’s what you can expect to see in the fall 2019 collection of CALVIN KLEIN Performance

1. Space Lines

Evolutionary silhouettes and ergonomic designs make make an out of this world workout sesh. Pieces have been designed with laser-cut seams for better breathability in the sweat zones. Anoraks with space-suit hoodies give the collection a futuristic feel.

2. Versatile Design

Whether you are going to work or have brunch after your early morning sweat session, CK Performance is great. An anorak with a built-in backpack, bonded zippers and seams, outerwear styles for layering, mesh detailing and transitional hoods are just a few details that make this collection your go-to.

3. Active Icon

Building on a signature, Active Icon revisits the iconic logo waistband with a selection of new and updated silhouettes. Comfort is key here; these are pieces you will want to wear any time of day.

4. Modern Sweat

This modern take on a classic sweatshirt feels fresh and good every time. Elevated fabrics, clean lines and updated shapes make this collection a wardrobe staple. This line also includes jackets, tops and pants to complete your wardrobe.

5. Accessories

A selection of sleek, modern, and utilitarian accessories compliments this season’s activewear. The Basic line features lightweight, packable totes and backpacks that come with built in ponchos and rain covers. The High-Tech line features tech savvy workout essentials like backpacks with charging cables and USB power outlets. The Logo Puffer line features totes, waist-packs and pouches with the iconic CK logo. The Modular line features your classic workout tote in nylon with pockets for all your fitness gear. Circled features classic styles like backpacks and totes in a modern, circular silhouette.