5 Best Patek Philippe Models from BaselWorld 2017

EDITORIAL FAVORITES. After being enthralled by the amazing collections offered by Patek Philippe at BaselWorld 2017, we sort through them all to present to you the best five



The first thing that will catch your attention when you look at this Patek Philippe watch is the beautiful Cloisonné enamel center that depicts a satellite image of the North Pole. The detail of the image is so realistic, almost three dimensional, it is like looking down on to the earth on your wrist. For the global traveler that has little time to consider the different time zones, the watch is equipped with a 24-hour and day/night indicator for the 24 time zones, and the dial even features the names of the major cities from each time zone. The mechanical self-winding movement of the caliber 240 HU is encased in 39.5mm platinum case and features a 18K gold dial plate, with a sapphire crystal case back.

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