4 Fashion Trends That Shouldn’t Work, But Somehow Just Do

BREAKING THE RULES. Fashion has many rules, but like the saying goes, rules are meant to broken. It’s hard to believe these trends that shouldn’t look stylish are making a comeback




Even back in the 70s when corduroy was commonly accepted, the material was never seen as something fashionable of even remotely sexy. Seen more as a simple-man’s choice of fabric, it lost out and just never seemed to catch on. But as fashion continues to evolve, high-end fashion brands are finally incorporating the rigged and ribbed fabric and giving it new life. A good way to stylishly utilize corduroy in your outfit, is to make sure the fit is right. Worn sloppily, corduroy can actually age you. So when choosing pants, opt for a slightly tighter fit, or if you’re not into skinny pants, go tapered, but with slightly more hugging lift. Corduroy jackets are also a good way to incorporate the material to your outfit. Just remember to pick a nice fit, to avoid looking frumpy.


Ugly Sneakers


With the popularity of streetwear, only recently have sneakers made its way into the mainstream fashion scene with high-end fashion brands entering the sneaker game. Instead of creating sleeker, more sport orientated sneakers, fashion brands such as Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton have created a trend that today is known as ‘Ugly Sneakers’. The result are sneakers that look bulky, are colorful and clearly look useless for any type of sport. You know, the type of sneakers your dad might wear to embarrass you. Well, with celebrities embracing the look, the ugly sneaker trend was born and has even got legit sport shoe brands like Nike and Adidas joining in.




There was a time in fashion when wearing denim with denim was considered a major taboo. The only people that would wear a denim jacket or shirt with jeans were either truckers or cattle herders. This year we have seen various high-end fashion brands successfully showcase the denim-on-denim style on their runways. DA MAN even has a fashion feature dedicated to the look. Just remember one thing before you decide to pull this look off, and that is to keep the top and bottom halves of the outfit a different shade. Opt for a lighter color top and a darker shade for your jeans. A good way to avoid the monotonous hue of blue jeans is to go with a whole different color all together.


White Socks


The rule once was that white socks were not allowed to be worn anywhere else but the gym, but someone (probably someone who forgot to bring an extra pair after working out) has thrown that concept out the window. Now it is safe to wear white socks with your outfit, but remember to keep your look sporty as to not look like you did forget your socks after a workout. Pairing white socks with sneakers is a good way to go, but remember to never ever wear white socks with dress shoes. Dress shoes should always be paired with smart looking socks, at least that’s the rule goes for now…


Text: Rinaldi Herdianto