4 Biggest Fall 2019 Menswear Trends

Watch out ladies! Male fashion has become a main event on its own and they are taking the spotlight as designers introduce to us fresh styles that will amp up every man’s closet. This fall, we will be seeing a whole variety of looks, and although fall is still a few months ahead, we have gathered the following trends for you to add to your wish list!

Go Black and Go Wild

Just when you thought animal prints were out of style, Kim Jones proves us otherwise with his Dior Fall 2019 Collection of black overalls tinted with animal prints on them. A little risk to your black outfit is never a bad idea.

DIOR Fall 2019

Masculinity with a touch of Elegance

Who says men couldn’t look elegant and masculine at the same time? These looks are to reaffirm us that tenderness and softness are added back to the dictionary of male fashion.


Suit Yourself

Tailored suits are coming back to the surface! With Hermes’s impeccable suits, Alexander McQueen’s sleek twist on a classic black suit and Celine’s retro tailoring, we can guarantee you that your man is about to come to the office looking better than ever.


You’ve Guessed it, Streetwear!

You can’t avoid streetwear, and although we are given plenty of looks from these high-end designers, it is just as important for us to look for inspiration from our fellow best friend: Instagram! Or any other kind of social media to be exact. Bold colors, oversized jackets, leopard prints, and many more of these staple trends will be coming around! We will definitely be seeing a lot more ‘street’ in the runway and well, on the streets!

Which of these are you wearing this fall?


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