12 Facts About Chanel’s 20th Anniversary J12 Watch

1 – Launched in 2000, the Chanel J12 line was their first venture into sports watches – almost 100 years since the maison was founded, and 13 years since establishing their wristwatch division.

2 – It was designed by Chanel’s legendary artistic director, Jacques Helleu, taking inspirations from two of his favorite sports; automobiles and sailing.

3 – The very first design for the J12 was in all black ceramic case and bracelet, then the all-white followed in 2003. Principles of the iconic design remained until this day, fulfilling Helleu’s intention on creating something timeless.

4 – The watch line have gone through many upgrades throughout the years. Such as applying complications in 2005 with the J12 Tourbillon, and invented a new colour of ceramic for the J12 Chromatic in 2011.

5 – Celebrating its upcoming 20th anniversary next year, the house is preparing a slight makeover – led by Arnaud Chastaingt, director of the Chanel Watch Creation Studio.

6 – First part of the redesign is increasing the dial opening, by refining the bezel. Increasing its notches from 30 to 40, while also resizing the crown width by a third.

7 – Second; the typeface. Fonts for the watch’s numerals and indexes were redesigned – with the “automatic” and “Swiss made” mentions now shares the same one with the brand’s.

8 – Third; the numerals. Not only the typeface was updated, but they are now made of ceramics, just like the line’s signature material.

9 – Fourth; the hands. Honed and refined, the hours and minutes hands are now the same width with the dimensional adjustment of the luminescent areas.

10 – Fifth; the thickness of the case was slightly increased – yet, by softening and rounding its profile, the case appears no thicker than before.

11 – Finally, it runs on a new 12.1 caliber automatic movement, specially developed by the new Swiss manufacturer Kenissi Manufacture, can be seen clearly from the back case to be admired.

12 – The watch line has a glamorous string of international figures as their faces. Hong Kong singer and superstar William Chan bears that honor of being the only male face of the J12.