10 Ladies For DA MAN’s 10th Anniversary

IN FULL SPIRIT. The old adage that third time’s a charm certainly fits our third encounter with singer Millane Fernandez


Outfit by Fendi

This “little bubbly girl” (her words, by the way) opens up the conversation by recounting what she’s been doing these past couple of years or so after the last time we chatted with her. “I had the opportunity to sing the World Cup Anthem in 2014 representing Indonesia,” she starts. “I also went to this international music competition in Russia last year representing the country; out of fifteen countries I got the second place.” Then she adds that since last year, she’s been working on her own album.

Actually, she’s going to be releasing two albums: One is in Indonesian, which is a first for her, while the other one is in English. The 30-year-old adds that she wrote everything herself and even produced both albums herself. “There are love songs, but most of the songs are about self-encouragement, how to pull ourselves up again when somebody’s telling you you’re not good enough,” says the German-Indonesian songstress.

Oh, Fernandez also has a café that she is running together with her big brother Nino Fernandez, and in the midst of it all that she is still keen on doing another movie. Talking about the future of her career she says that “There are so many things I haven’t achieved, but I’m working on it and I’m having faith. At the end of it all I’m just pursuing what I love the most and that’s actually the biggest goal and achievement for me.”

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