10 Ladies For DA MAN’s 10th Anniversary

LIFE IN THE FASHION LANE. Adding one more entry to the list of Indonesian supermodels is Laura Muljadi


Outfit by J Brand x Simone Rocha in Farah Khan

After she was scouted in the Netherlands years ago, Muljadi has been featured in numerous publications, became the face of various brands and even walked at the New York Fashion Week.

Like in our first meeting years ago, Muljadi appears quiet at first but readily opens up once she feels comfortable. She says that she’s currently taking on fewer modeling gigs to focus on her public speaking and Italian language courses. “I want to try something new,” she explains, “I’m always interested in communication studies, and my main focus is in personal branding. As for learning Italian, that’s because my husband is Italian.”

Another activity that she’s been involved in is helping those in need. Currently, Muljadi is involved in a project called “Bumbu Kari” aimed at educating mothers from impoverished neighborhoods on how to create handicrafts. “We empower mothers to make their own income by selling these products,” she points out. “Most of these women lack confidence in what they can do to help support their children, and by having these skills they are helping their kids to go to school.” Picture-perfect and passionate about helping others, Laura Muljadi is certainly the epitome of being beautiful both inside and out.

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