10 Ladies For DA MAN’s 10th Anniversary

SHE’S GOT THE VOICE. Angel Pieters is living proof that a former child star can turn out all right


Outfit by Michael Kors

Or in her case, way more than just all right. The 19-year-old started her singing career when she was nine, when she took part in a singing competition. Ten years later her career is still going strong, and it seems like she’s just getting started. When we met her again almost a year after we first wrote a profile story on her, Pieters says that she’s busy preparing for her debut album. “It’s still in the pre-production, I’m still choosing the people I want to work with but hopefully it will come out this year, if not by early next year,” she enthuses.

Looking back, the Whitney Houston fan sees that the past 10 years has been an evolving journey. “Everything that I’ve gone through seems like a beautiful struggle for me,” she says. I remember 10 years ago I was this kid who wanted to sing, who wanted to make an album and now that I’m here, I’m able to see that all of those past struggles were actually leading me to where I am right now.” With a down-to-earth persona and incredible talent, it seems that this angel’s wings are certainly made to fly.

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