10 Ladies For DA MAN’s 10th Anniversary

ARTIST AT HEART. Last year, actress-slash-model-slash-artist Salvita Decorte decided to take a year off from work, but now she says she’s ready to get back on the field again


Outfit by Chanel

“I’m starting fresh, I’m getting more into movies which is always what I want to do,” she exclaims. “I think now I’m finally now in the right space to start again.”

For one, she has a role in the highly anticipated “The Night Comes for Us” movie. Though still tight-lipped about it, Decorte dropped a couple of hints that she did many scenes alongside Joe Taslim and Abimana Aryasatya. Soon, Decorte will be shooting yet another movie that she has recently been casted in. Another couple of things that she will pick up again is painting and creating commissioned art pieces.

Reflecting on how her career has been going on so far, Decorte feels blessed and lucky enough to have met plenty of supportive people. She then goes on to tell how she always wanted to work with renowned director Joko Anwar and she finally got the chance to work with him in the “Halfworlds” TV series. Decorte says that her ultimate goal is to do movies outside of Indonesia and she’s optimistic that she can get there very soon, “You know that book ‘The Secret,’ where it basically says if you envision something and if you stick to that and then you say it out loud, it will eventually happen?” she goes on. “I can really see that in my career.”

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