10 Ladies For DA MAN’s 10th Anniversary

JACKIE OF ALL TRADES. “It’s been seven years? Oh, my God!” Marissa Nasution blurts out at the start of our interview


Outfit by Michael Kors

Reminiscing on the past, the 31-year-old says her career has been going on very well, as she is currently the host for an entertainment program on a local TV channel while still working as a presenter for on- and off-the-air events. She’s also set to appear in a movie. On top of all that, she also runs a travel blog called Matahari Luna together with her sister and has her own fashion label called Mermaid Inc. which, as the name suggests, rents out mermaid tails for events and parties.

During the months of April to May, though, she will be traveling quite a lot. “I’m really excited for this year; I want to focus a little bit more on work and on traveling,” says Nasution.

Presenter, check. Travel blogger, check. Businesswoman, check. Is there anything else she wants to do in the future? “Oh, my God! I’d love to be stewardess for, like, a month!” she blurts out once again with unbridled enthusiasm. “It was one of my biggest dreams from when I was younger. I’m a huge aviation geek. I love planes. You can put me in a plane or in an airport and I’ll be the happiest person. If an airline wants to hire me, even as an intern, I’m ready!”

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