What We Learned from London Men’s Fashion Week 2019: Part 3

And finally, what is a fashion week in London if you can’t let go some crazies out of its creative cage? There are so many to mention, but we picked these wild ones just for the sheer of absurdity and beauty of it.

A Cold Wall

Probably envisioning a not so distant future where the earth’s temperature have risen all year long.

Astrid Andersen

It might be season appropriate – but we are seriously questioning the effectivity of those black hole sized arms.

Craig Green

We get the crochet thing. We just don’t get the black duct tapes and the unused sleeves – we’re blaming Balenciaga for this.

Private Policy

Sure, harness is a thing at the moment. But we think during winter you would still need a shirt under that, maybe?

Xander Zhou

Chewbacca’s fashionable cousin, is that you?

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