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Daman Essential Brooks Brothers Red Fleece label

Essential: Brooks Brothers Red Fleece label

ALL-AMERICAN. To stay relevant in the dynamic modern day fashion industry is not easy, especially … [Read More...]

DA MAN Watch Omega De Ville Trésor

Watch: Omega De Ville Trésor

OMEGA DE VILLE TRÉSOR. Some timepieces are known for edgy shapes and large sizes, yet Omega sticks … [Read More...]


Grooming: Sulwhasoo Sun Cream for Men

RAY BANNED. Though the sun’s rays provide us with vitally replenishing Vitamin D, too much … [Read More...]


Scent: Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Brights

BRIGHTSIDE. Using richly polished woods and fresh coniferous notes submerged in citrus to epitomize … [Read More...]


Movies: Our Recommendations for October & November 2014

Landing on the silver screen this November, “Interstellar” looks set to make quite an entrance. Helmed by acclaimed director Christopher Nolan who was behind Hollywood masterpieces such as the recent Batman trilogy and “Inception”, the movie will explore the world of science like no other before it.

Daman The Newest Books To Read

Books: The Newest Must-Reads

STYLE STAPLE. A bible of a century of style gone by, “100 Years of Menswear” (Laurence King Publishing) is a must-have for the discerning menswear enthusiasts.


Music: Our album recommendations for October & November 2014

PARTY OF FIVE V Maroon 5 After the unbridled success of 2011’s infectious hit single … [Read More...]

Daman Travel X2 River Kwai

Travel: X2 River Kwai

CABIN FEVER. While at first glance they may look like shipping containers, the stunning design of … [Read More...]

Daman Health The Paleo Diet1

Health: The Paleo Diet

PALEO DECODED. Also commonly known as the “Caveman Diet,” The Paleo Diet is a popular craze that can be tricky to get right. Diet expert Jocelyn Halim explains all.


Gadget: Sony Vaio

WINNING ELEVEN. Dubbed the world’s thinnest tablet running on Windows 8, Sony’s Vaio Tap 11 is … [Read More...]


Exclusive Cover Story: Alan Ritchson

NO MORE MR. NICE GUY. Alan Ritchson of “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” chats with Ronald Liem from his beachside Florida home about the … [Read More...]

Suit, shirt and tie by Vivienne Westwood

Exclusive Fashion Feature: Patrick Wilson

SINGING TO THE SILVER SCREEN. While most of his fans in Asia know him best for his roles in Hollywood hits like Watchmen, The A-Team and Insidious, … [Read More...]

Suit and shirt by Sarar, tie by Burberry Prorsum

Exclusive Fashion Feature: Jacob Artist

LIVING THE DREAM. Twenty-year-old Jacob Artist may only have a little acting experience for now; so little that you can count the number of … [Read More...]

Gabriel Mann 1

Exclusive Feature: Gabriel Mann

MAD FOR MANN. Tech-freak on screen and sleek gentleman off screen, Gabriel Mann talks to DA MAN about the behind the scenes of … [Read More...]

Thomas Mann2

Exclusive fashion feature: Thomas Mann

PARTY PROJECTOR. Thomas Mann is the star of Project X,  the hit film about a group of teenagers who put on the wildest house party of all time. … [Read More...]


DA MAN Online Exclusive: Garrett Clayton

His boyish charm is often mistaken for that of Zac Efron, but Disney star Garrett Clayton knows how to play it cool. Jacket by Shades of Grey, … [Read More...]

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