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Poll: Vote for the Most Fashionable Man!

MAN OF THE YEAR. Yes, male Hollywood stars have learned that looking good is a must, especially when … [Read More...]


Essentials : Louis Vuitton New “V” Line Collection

MOVERS AND SHAKERS. Celebrating talented individuals who are always on the move or those championing … [Read More...]


Essentials : Brightening up your Office Look

A DASH OF RED. If there is a master class in office dressing, adding red elements to your 9-to-5 … [Read More...]


Watch : Game, Set and Match

MATCH POINT. While a lot of watches draw inspiration from racetracks, Swiss brand Rado has set … [Read More...]

Rhythym of The Night

Scents : Fragrances for an Evening Out

RHYTHM OF THE NIGHT. Should you smell the same day and night? The smart answer is “no.” Each … [Read More...]


DVD : Breaking the Taboo

Sex in movies can add an interesting twist to the plot, but these erotic selections go out of their … [Read More...]

The Sanchaya Beach View

Travel : Beachfront Luxury and Culture Aplenty

BEACHSIDE SANCTUARY. Occupying one of the hottest beachfront properties in Indonesia and situated … [Read More...]

unacho 2

Eats & Drinks : Unacho

NAGOYA’S PRIDE. Nestled snuggly in a secondfloor corner of Plaza Senayan is a quiet and … [Read More...]


Dating: 7 Steps to Prevent Breakups

Preventing breakup is better than dealing with a broken heart, says Michael Griswold. He shares … [Read More...]

sony game

Gadget : A Special Roundup of Gaming-Friendly Smartphones

SMART-GAMING ON THE GO. This year, smartphones and gaming go together like coffee and … [Read More...]

Sofia Black D'Elia Project Almanac DA MAN (4)

Exclusive Interview: Sofia Black D’Elia Talks “Project Almanac,” “The Messengers,” and “Viral”

STEPPING UP TO THE PLATE. From troubled teen to sci-fi heroine, Sofia Black D’Elia takes on every role with a definite spring in her step. This is part of her story, as told to DA MAN

Exclusive Feature : Katheryn Winnick Hollywood’s Action Diva

Exclusive Feature : Katheryn Winnick Hollywood’s Action Diva

MODERN DAY WARRIOR. Katheryn Winnick has the looks of a Hollywood diva and certainly the acting skills that go along with it. She also has two black belts. She chats about career and shares a bit of her personal life with DA MAN

Exclusive Interview: Robbie Amell Talks “The Duff” and Switching from Sports to Showbiz

Exclusive Interview: Robbie Amell Talks “The Duff” and Switching from Sports to Showbiz

ALL FIRED UP. He was well on his way to becoming a star on the ice hockey rink, but “The Duff” actor Robbie Amell took a leap of faith and switched gears to showbiz instead. He chats with DA MAN about the journey

Featured Dion

Exclusive Feature: Dion Wiyoko Discusses His Passion for Acting and Being an Adventurer Off-Screen

THE NEXT BREAKOUT STAR. If the number of movies one has starred in is any indication of a successful star, Dion Wiyoko has four movies in a row to prove it. With Gabriela Yosefina, he discusses his passion for acting and being an adventurer off-screen

Jack Griffone3

Exclusive Online Feature: Jack Griffo

Only time will tell as how actor-cum-singer Jack Griffo will blossom through his adolescent years. As for now, the teen heartthrob shares his experience of filming a television series and growing up in front of the camera.

Dako Okeniyi3

Exclusive Feature: Dayo Okeniyi

A newcomer in the industry, Dayo Okeniyi’s talent is not hard to notice. We rap with “The Hunger Games” star about acting and beyond.

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