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DA MAN Watch Omega De Ville Trésor

Watch: Omega De Ville Trésor

OMEGA DE VILLE TRÉSOR. Some timepieces are known for edgy shapes and large sizes, yet Omega sticks … [Read More...]

Daman Fashion Spread The Wanderer 1

Fashion Spread: The Wanderer

THE WANDERER. Fear not the cold weather, but rather welcome what it affords you outerwear. Take Full … [Read More...]


Grooming: Sulwhasoo Sun Cream for Men

RAY BANNED. Though the sun’s rays provide us with vitally replenishing Vitamin D, too much … [Read More...]


Scent: Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Brights

BRIGHTSIDE. Using richly polished woods and fresh coniferous notes submerged in citrus to epitomize … [Read More...]


Movies: Our Recommendations for October & November 2014

Landing on the silver screen this November, “Interstellar” looks set to make quite an entrance. Helmed by acclaimed director Christopher Nolan who was behind Hollywood masterpieces such as the recent Batman trilogy and “Inception”, the movie will explore the world of science like no other before it.

Daman The Newest Books To Read

Books: The Newest Must-Reads

STYLE STAPLE. A bible of a century of style gone by, “100 Years of Menswear” (Laurence King Publishing) is a must-have for the discerning menswear enthusiasts.


Music: Our album recommendations for October & November 2014

PARTY OF FIVE V Maroon 5 After the unbridled success of 2011’s infectious hit single … [Read More...]

DA MAN Living Wine Classics series by Zwiesel 1872

Living: Wine Classics Series by Zwiesel 1872

A TOUCH OF GLASS. Moved on from serving your guests beverages in plastic red cups? Gourmet crystal … [Read More...]

DAMAN Sex Tips

Sex: Does Penis Size Matter?

A GAME OF INCHES. The question never seems to go away. Does penis size matter? Chess McDoogle reveals five definitive fact s which help squash the speculation


Gadget: Sony Vaio

WINNING ELEVEN. Dubbed the world’s thinnest tablet running on Windows 8, Sony’s Vaio Tap 11 is … [Read More...]

Feature Celeb Scott Porter

Exclusive Feature: Scott Porter

THE TRANSPORTER. Delivering a well-carved acting and singing talent, hunky actor Scott Porter is up for a bare-knuckle fight opportunity following … [Read More...]

Bryan Shimansky 1

Exclusive Feature: Brian Shimansky

BRINGING SEXY BACK. Synonymous with the word “sexy,” Versace Eros fragrance model Brian Shimansky goes beyond skin deep and reveals to DA … [Read More...]

Guillermo Diaz Blog

Exclusive Feature: Guillermo Diaz

BOLD TO BE DIFFERENT. From one of the most rooted television series, “Scandal,” Guillermo Diaz gushes on his experience playing a heavy character … [Read More...]

Feature Celeb Todd Tyler 1

Exclusive Feature: Todd Anthony Tyler

BREAKING THE FRAME. Judge and resident photographer of “Asia’s Next Top Model,” Todd Anthony Tyler raps with Gabriela Yosefina on being an … [Read More...]

Denzel Whitaker DA MAN fashion exclusive, men's fashion, celebrity hollyood

Celebrity Fashion Exclusive: Denzel Whitaker

Celebrity Fashion Exclusive: Denzel Whitaker. He immediately catches the eyes and ears of anyone who comes across his name, if only because it's a … [Read More...]

Jack Griffone3

Exclusive Online Feature: Jack Griffo

Only time will tell as how actor-cum-singer Jack Griffo will blossom through his adolescent years. As for now, the teen heartthrob shares his … [Read More...]

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