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Essentials Roundup: Backpack

BACKUP PLAN. It is hard to blame guys for relying too much on their backpacks practical, durable and … [Read More...]


Watch: IWC

DOWN BY THE SEA. Swiss watch manufacturer IWC showcases the depth of its love for all things oceanic … [Read More...]


Grooming: L’Oreal

FRESH START. The color of molten lava, this Volcano Red Foam product from L’Oreal unleashes … [Read More...]


Grooming: Juara

BOTANIC TO THE CORE. Putting one’s skin first is a sure-fire way to attract attention for the … [Read More...]


Movies: August and September 2014

So the increasingly haggard but irrepressible team of Expendables are back for another installment, bolstered by some new but not necessarily young blood. Stallone, who returns as leader Barney Ross


Art (Marco Cassini)

PORTRAITS OF AN ARTIST. DA MAN catches up with Italian artist Marco Cassini in Bali following his latest exhibition at BIASA Artspace.


Music: Flying Syrup

OFF TO A FLYING START. Rock band Flying Syrup employs British musicality to create an album all … [Read More...]


Eats & Drinks: Akira Back

BACK ATTACK. From the world-renowned Yellowtail Restaurant in Bellagio, Las Vegas, chef Akira Back … [Read More...]


Health: You Are What You Eat

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. Choosing the right foods to include in your diet can be a bewildering business. luckily, owner of SlimGourmet Jocelyn Halim is on hand to explain the basics


Gadget: Sony Vaio

WINNING ELEVEN. Dubbed the world’s thinnest tablet running on Windows 8, Sony’s Vaio Tap 11 is … [Read More...]

Suit and shirt by Emporio Armani

Exclusive Fashion Feature: Justin Bartha

THE STRAIGHT MAN. Justin Bartha is probably best known in Asia for his role in the megahit Hangover series. He is also one of the stars of The New … [Read More...]

Guillermo Diaz Blog

Exclusive Feature: Guillermo Diaz

BOLD TO BE DIFFERENT. From one of the most rooted television series, “Scandal,” Guillermo Diaz gushes on his experience playing a heavy character … [Read More...]

Tony Goldwyn 1

Exclusive Cover Story: Tony Goldwyn

POWER AND POLITICS IN STYLE. Actor and director Tony Goldwyn chats with Chris Andre on the dark side of the commander-in-chief of “Scandal” and … [Read More...]

Jacket by Ralph Lauren, shirt by Burberry

Exclusive Fashion Feature: Matt Bomer from TV’s “White Collar”

HOT UNDER THE COLLAR. Con men don’t come much slicker than Neal Caffrey, the character played by Matt Bomer on the hit TV show White Collar. … [Read More...]


DA MAN Online Exclusive: Garrett Clayton

His boyish charm is often mistaken for that of Zac Efron, but Disney star Garrett Clayton knows how to play it cool. Jacket by Shades of Grey, … [Read More...]

Thomas Mann2

Exclusive fashion feature: Thomas Mann

PARTY PROJECTOR. Thomas Mann is the star of Project X,  the hit film about a group of teenagers who put on the wildest house party of all time. … [Read More...]

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