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Essential: Balmain x H&M’s Collaborative Collection

HAUTE STUFF. One of the most highly anticipated collections of the year, the Balmain x H&M … [Read More...]


Essential: Shawl Lapel

SHAWL WE? When searching for the perfect blazer or suit jackets, we often overlook one of the most … [Read More...]


News: Victor Cruz Fronts Givenchy Ad

FIELD TO FASHION. Athletes are often bolder and better dressers. Case in point is American football … [Read More...]


Runway: Mood for Maroon

MAROON VIBES. What is the color of fall? For menswear designers, the answer is maroon, which … [Read More...]


Grooming: Water-Based Moisturizers

HEAD ABOVE WATER. People with oily skin are often faced with a vexing dilemma when it comes to … [Read More...]


Book: Mario Testino’s “Sir” and Other Must-Reads

TO SIR WITH LOVE. The general perception of men has largely shifted in the last three decades, … [Read More...]

Uncompromised Comfort at Samabe Bali Suites & Villas

Uncompromised Comfort at Samabe Bali Suites & Villas

Bali’s Nusa Dua area may be bursting with five-star resorts and hotels. Samabe Bali Suites & … [Read More...]


Eat & Drink: Arts Café

GOOD ART, GOOD FOOD. Interpreting art through its many layers of decoration and food offerings is … [Read More...]


Nip & Tuck: Hair Transplant 101

AN INTRO TO HAIR TRANSPLANT. Dr. Michael Pavlos gives the low-down on hair transplant procedures and … [Read More...]


Gadget: Blackberry Classic

A HOP FORWARD. One of BlackBerry’s most enduring images is that of a brand that rarely goes beyond … [Read More...]


Icon: Benedict Cumberbatch

THE ADMIRATION GAME. Take a measure of British charm, add a sprinkle of modern style with a hefty dose of talent, and you’ll get one Benedict Cumberbatch.

Exclusive Feature: Randall Park

Exclusive Feature: Randall Park

EAST ROCKS WEST. Asian-American actors are making serious waves in Hollywood, and riding this surf ahead of the pack is Randall Park. Recounting his latest adventures to DAMAN is the actor, director, comedian and writer himself

Online Exclusive Feature: Michelle Hayden

Online Exclusive Feature: Michelle Hayden

ANIMAL INSTINCT. It would seem that Michelle Hayden’s journey so far has been nothing short of enchanting. Marcia Daly gets a glimpse of this tale directly from the actress herself

Featured Dion

Exclusive Feature: Dion Wiyoko Discusses His Passion for Acting and Being an Adventurer Off-Screen

THE NEXT BREAKOUT STAR. If the number of movies one has starred in is any indication of a successful star, Dion Wiyoko has four movies in a row to prove it. With Gabriela Yosefina, he discusses his passion for acting and being an adventurer off-screen


Exclusive Feature: Kiowa Gordon from ‘Twilight’

You know him as Embry Call, the shape-shifting native American from the ‘Twilight’ franchise. Kiowa Gordon is also a star of DA MAN’s ‘Young Hollywood’ channel.

Feature Darling Jake McDoorman

Exclusive Online Feature: Jake McDorman

THE TIME OF HIS LIFE. Jake McDorman spills the beans to DA MAN on what to expect on the next season of “Shameless” and the upcoming horror flick, “The Operator.”

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