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Poll: Vote for the Most Fashionable Man!

MAN OF THE YEAR. Yes, male Hollywood stars have learned that looking good is a must, especially when … [Read More...]


Essentials : In the Working Hour

An office is more than just a working station; it is the place where people spend most hours of … [Read More...]


Watch: Slim Seduction

After breaking the record for the world’s thinnest manualwinding watch last year, Swiss watch and … [Read More...]


Essential: Suit that Suits

Pre-collections are often seen as pulling less weight than the seasonal ranges. For French brand … [Read More...]


Scent: Spice Whirls

The last part of the men’s fragrance trilogy by Armani has finally arrived. Following Eau Pour … [Read More...]


DVD : Breaking the Taboo

Sex in movies can add an interesting twist to the plot, but these erotic selections go out of their … [Read More...]


Travel: NEXT Hotel Brisbane With Hi-Tech Amenities

THE NEXT STEP. What’s next for luxury hotels? One increasingly popular answer is innovative … [Read More...]


Living: Bamboo Contemporary Interior Accessories by Alvin-T and FASA

BAMBOO DU JOUR. Noted designer Alvin Tjitrowirjo is truly a master of merging local materials and … [Read More...]


Dating: 7 Steps to Prevent Breakups

Preventing breakup is better than dealing with a broken heart, says Michael Griswold. He shares … [Read More...]


Gadget: The New Nintendo 3DS With Increased Horsepower

THE LEGEND CONTINUES. Mobile gaming might all be the rage nowadays, but the handheld-console scene … [Read More...]


Reza Rahadian: DA MAN exclusive

Reza Rahadian of Perempuan Berkalung Sorban is a 24-year-old film star from the island of Borneo, who has honed his craft and become one of the best … [Read More...]


Tom Felton Web-Exclusive on DA MAN online

Young Hollywood actor Tom Felton is well on his way to achieving bigger things in his career. Here are some DA MAN Web-Exclusive pictures of Tom … [Read More...]

Feature Shane West

Exclusive Feature: Shane West

THE WEST'S SIDE STORY. Shane West’s triple threat of acting, singing and writing makes him a rare breed in Hollywood. To DA MAN, he spills … [Read More...]


Exclusive Feature: Alexander Ludwig

HUNGRY FOR MORE. Former child actor Alexander Ludwig is all grown up and starring in the film sensation of the year, The Hunger Games Shirt by … [Read More...]


E! News Asia’s Dominic Lau, a DA MAN Exclusive

For Your Entertainment. From the violin to the drums and from a model to an idolized international entertainment host, E! News Asia’s Dominic Lau … [Read More...]

Tommy Savas Featured Image

Exclusive Online Feature: Tommy Savas

ON THE MOVE. Tommy Savas is an emerging acting talent who believes in putting in the hard yards and never giving up Shirt by Forever 21, watch by American Apparel An energetic and commanding actor with dashing good looks on his side, Tommy Savas is a most welcome addition to our TV screens. His current roles […]

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