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Fashion Spread: Jungle Fever

JUNGLE FEVER. After putting in hard hours at the gym, the end of summer is definitely the time to … [Read More...]


Online Exclusive: 5 Celebrities Who Dabbled in Fashion Design

Fashion has become a language spoken by many, not excluding these five male celebrities. Showcasing … [Read More...]


Grooming: Juara

BOTANIC TO THE CORE. Putting one’s skin first is a sure-fire way to attract attention for the … [Read More...]


Scents: Etro

NOMADIC SOUL. A summer fragrance inspired by the chaotically colorful and largest Indian state, … [Read More...]


Movies: August and September 2014

So the increasingly haggard but irrepressible team of Expendables are back for another installment, bolstered by some new but not necessarily young blood. Stallone, who returns as leader Barney Ross


Art (Marco Cassini)

PORTRAITS OF AN ARTIST. DA MAN catches up with Italian artist Marco Cassini in Bali following his latest exhibition at BIASA Artspace.


Music: Flying Syrup

OFF TO A FLYING START. Rock band Flying Syrup employs British musicality to create an album all … [Read More...]


Travel: Air France

VIVE LA FRANCE. Recognizing the popularity of Paris as a desired destination among South East Asian … [Read More...]


Sex: Top Three Mistakes

THE SEX TIPS. Frank Francis lists down top three mistakes that most men think would turn a woman on


Gadget: Sony Vaio

WINNING ELEVEN. Dubbed the world’s thinnest tablet running on Windows 8, Sony’s Vaio Tap 11 is … [Read More...]

Jacket by Burberry Prorsum, shirt by Burberry London

Exclusive Fashion Feature: Gabriel Macht

A SUITABLE MAN. As the senior partner on the law drama Suits, Gabriel Macht is a veteran actor playing a veteran lawyer. Macht earned his first … [Read More...]

Dress by Etro, necklace by Lulu Frost at Masari

DA MAN Darling: Farah Quinn

HOT IN THE KITCHEN. Farah Quinn has become one of Indonesia’s most well-known celebrity chefs, but all that fame didn’t come in the blink of an … [Read More...]

Suit and shirt by Emporio Armani

Exclusive Fashion Feature: Justin Bartha

THE STRAIGHT MAN. Justin Bartha is probably best known in Asia for his role in the megahit Hangover series. He is also one of the stars of The New … [Read More...]

Feature Darling Dara R0

Exclusive Feature: Dara Warganegara

DARING DARA. With her oriental beauty gracing a number of national fashion publications, Dara Warganegara is on a roll. Little did people know that … [Read More...]

Dako Okeniyi3

Exclusive Online Feature: Dayo Okeniyi

ABOUT A BOY. A newcomer in the industry, Dayo Okeniyi’s talent is not hard to notice. We rap with “The Hunger Games” star about acting and … [Read More...]

Feature Darling Jake McDoorman

Exclusive Online Feature: Jake McDorman

THE TIME OF HIS LIFE. Jake McDorman spills the beans to DA MAN on what to expect on the next season of “Shameless” and the upcoming horror flick, … [Read More...]

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