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Watch: Hugo Boss Drops BOSS Watches Aeroliner with Leather Strap

STYLISH PERSUASION. If you’re looking for a stylish companion for your outfit, BOSS Watches may … [Read More...]


Feature: 5 Top Male Models to Know

DANDY DOMINATION. Male models are no longer mere props to female models and have carved a niche for … [Read More...]


Scent: Karl Lagerfeld Turns His Attention to Scents

TEST OF TIME. Not content with his domination of the fashion world, German designer Karl Lagerfeld … [Read More...]

Art 2

Art: Hehe, Bujangan Urban and Tromarama Introduce Their Own Respective Takes

LOCAL NATIVES. As the local art industry goes from strength to strength, a new crop of artists arrive to introduce their own respective takes

Fashion Book 4

Books: Top 5 Fashion Books for Year-End Gifts

STYLE SAVANT. “Books are a uniquely portable magic,” said Stephen King, not excluding fashion books. We compile five of the best fashion reads that make perfect year-end gifts

Eat+Drink 2

Eat & Drink: Sake+ Boasts the Most Extensive Selection of Sake and Sochu

FOR GOOD TIMES' SAKE. After successfully ushering in the rise of European wines in Jakarta, … [Read More...]

The Perfect Proposal

Dating: The Perfect Proposal

Asking someone to spend the rest of their life with you is always going to be a nerve wracking experience, which is all the more reason to be as well prepared as possible. Rebecca J. Thomas tells you how.

Gadget Sony 2

Gadget: Fully Waterproof SONY Xperia Z2 Android Smartphone Fits Your Unpredictable Lifestyle

FOOLPROOF. Are you yet to find a phone capable of surviving your crazy and unpredictable … [Read More...]

Gadget iPhone

Gadget: Apple Releases the Thinnest Ever iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

THE BIG APPLE. Apple’s eagerly awaited iPhone 6 is here, and appears to have gone on a … [Read More...]


Exclusive Feature: Kimmy Jayanti, Kelly Tandiono, Simona Travnickova

FEMME FATALE. If sexy is a state of mind, then these three most sought-after models must be the alluring agents provocateurs. Gabriela … [Read More...]

Jacket by Ralph Lauren, shirt by Burberry

Exclusive Feature: Matt Bomer

HOT UNDER THE COLLAR. Con men don’t come much slicker than Neal Caffrey, the character played by Matt Bomer on the hit TV show White Collar. … [Read More...]


DA MAN Exclusive: Johnny Whitworth

HITTING HIS STRIDE. Consummate actor Johnny Whitworth is still young, but a veteran of the show-business industry. However, he may well have ended up … [Read More...]


Tyler Posey Exclusive Interview with DA MAN

At 20 years of age, young Tyler Posey has accumulated some serious experience in the acting world, including long-term appearances in TV series such … [Read More...]

Sequel to the hit romantic comedy

Meet the cast of

The romantic comedy Heart-Break.Com returns to the silver screen with the sequel Heart-Break.Com: Aku dan Dia (Me and You). Directed by Affandi Abdul … [Read More...]


Exclusive Feature: Kiowa Gordon from ‘Twilight’

You know him as Embry Call, the shape-shifting native American from the Twilight franchise. Kiowa Gordon is also a star of DA MAN's 'Young Hollywood' … [Read More...]

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