West Ham Players Will Wear This Suit

Here’s an off-season story that isn’t about transfers


H and C at the stands


Any soccer fan will tell you that the moment the season ends and pundits start discussing possible player transfers is the time to be dreaded. And fans of West Ham United, the team that finished seventh in the English Premier League last season, are probably hating on the rumors of star midfielder Dimitri Payet leaving that’s been circulating on the news.

The good thing is, there’s also this piece of positive news: Andy Carroll and his teammates have secured a partnership with Hawes & Curtis; the British shirtmaker recently announced that it has become the official tailor to the London club.

Founded in 1913, Hawes & Curtis has a list of notable clients, which includes Fred Astaire and Cary Grant, but this will mark the first time the brand collaborates with a soccer team.


H and C Suit


The team will unveil the suits during the the third qualifying round of the UEFA Europa League, which falls on July 28, 2016.