Watch: Louis Vuitton’s New Tambour VVV

VENI, VIDI, VICI. These triple Vs may be a phrase everybody is familiar with. But for Louis Vuitton, triple Vs only stand for “Volez, voguez, voyagez” (fly, sail, travel), a mantra that reflects the French brand’s true spirit of traveling




The triple Vs now make appearance in the brand’s new Tambour VVV watches. From the five versions launched, the 44mm stainless steel or rose gold chronograph looks veritably handsome on the wrist. Get ready for a big surprise, though, as the watch minute hand and chronograph seconds hand are like no other their zero positions are at 6 o’clock, aligned with the triple Vs. An equally interesting piece is the GMT watch. While the local hour is noted by the watch hands, the second time zone is indicated by the yellow bottom of the triple Vs. From the looks of it, Louis Vuitton has scored an A+ for innovation. Available at the Louis Vuitton store at Plaza Indonesia.