Watch: Diagono Magnesium from Bulgari

A WATCH TO THE WISE. During this year’s Baselworld, smartwatches were naturally the talk of the town. While most turned their backs on the matter, some were keen to take on technological ideas to elevate the functions of their luxury pieces. Among the latter is Bulgari.


Its Diagono line has been known to be very adaptive to new trends and materials. The 2015 edition, the Diagono Magnesium, incorporates three different elements—magnesium, PEEK (a special kind of polymer) and ceramic (for the bezel)—in its case design. Beyond what meets the eye, Bulgari partnered up with Swiss company WISeKey to dev elop the “Wrist Vault” technology, allowing the Diagono Magnesium to be an authentication key to open, say, a home vault or set a domestic alarm system. Only time will tell if this technology will take off in the foll owing years.