Watch: BRM Arrives in Jakarta

FAST AND GENIUS. There is a drive in every one that makes each of us unique. For watchmaker Bernard Richards, it is speed and time




The French-born genius now extends his obsession for fast cars and fine timepieces to Indonesia with his unique brand BRM that has found a home in Pacific Place, Jakarta. One of the most appealing novelties offered this year is the V6-44-SA-Gulf-Racing, a skeletonized racing-inspired timepiece limited to 100 units. The design detailing is beautiful; the 44m stainless steel case takes after car wheel designs, while mini suspensions akin to shock absorbers are present on the dial. The most beautiful element, perhaps, is the original automatic movement, which seems like nothing else in the market. Priced quite reasonably considering the brand’s independent status, BRM is a new kid on the block you surely need to know.