Vans Presents Its New Ambassadors for Sk8-Hi

Meet the new faces of the classic


Jay_Howell_for Vans Sk8-Hi_illustration


The Sk8-Hi lace-up high top sneaker from Vans are an icon on its own right. First launched in 1978 as Style 38, it quickly became a hit among skateboarders, as the design protected the bones above their ankles when they were out doing awesome, sometimes dangerous skateboarding.

Over the time, of course, Sk8-Hi has evolved into the lifestyle sneaker that we know now, with a slew of styles and models to choose from. So to celebrate the latest Sk8-Hi’s offering, Vans is working with a team of brand ambassadors with diverse personal styles to interpret how they wear the sneaker.

First up is Henry Rollins, the vocalist of American punk rock band called Black Flag. In the new campaign for Vans, he’s putting on the same original Sk8-Hi he once wore during the band’s heyday in 1980s.


Original Henry Rollins for Vans Sk8-Hi
Henry Rollins on stage, 1981


Henry Rollins for Vans Sk8-Hi
Henry Rollins, today


Rollins is joined by Californian freesurfer Dane Reynolds, Beijing-born hip-hop artist J-Fever and Los Angeles-based artist Jay Howell.


Dane_Reynolds_Dog_for Vans Sk8-Hi
Dane Reynolds


J_Fever_for Vans Sk8-Hi


Jay_Howell and Street Dog for Vans Sk8-Hi
Jay Howell


Other ambassadors include model Natalie Westling, singer Syd Tha Kyd and skater Lizzie Armanto.


Natalie_Westling_ for Vans Sk8-Hi
Natalie Westling


Syd_Tha_Kid_for Vans Sk8-Hi
Syd Tha Kid


Lizzie_Armanto_for Vans Sk8-Hi
Lizzie Armanto