Uniqlo Launches Batik Collection

“From Indonesia to the world”


uniqlo batik collection


A new capsule collection from Uniqlo is a further proof that clothing brands are still influenced by Asian cultures. In Uniqlo’s case, it’s taking its inspiration from Indonesia to create its special batik collection, which consists of short- and long-sleeved shirts for men and blouses for women.

But Uniqlo doesn’t “just” making a collection designed with the traditional motifs; it also further honors batik by working together with Yayasan Batik Indonesia (Batik Foundation) that oversees the whole production of the capsule. Furthermore, a portion of the proceeds from the sale will also go to support the educational programs for the employees working at Uniqlo’s factories in Indonesia. There are stories told about fast fashion, and not all of them are pretty. Thankfully, this shows that Uniqlo is committed to making things better.

Uniqlo Indonesia has introduced a short video on its official Facebook page as part of the promotion. Featuring female and male models donning the batik pieces from the collection, the video ends with the tagline “From Indonesia to the World.”

The collection will be available in 12 countries and also on Uniqlo.com.


uniqlo batik collection long sleeved shirt
Long-sleeved shirts


uniqlo batik collection short sleeved shirt
Short-sleeved shirts