Uniqlo Celebrates Local Brands in New T-Shirt Collection

The instant cup noodles that you’re allowed to “consume” every day


Uniqlo UT - Pop Mie & Ultra Milk


To celebrate the opening of its latest store at PIK Avenue Mall in Jakarta, Indonesia, Uniqlo is releasing new T-shirts from its “Asean Corporation” collection. A part of Uniqlo’s UT tee range, the items in the ongoing collaborative collection bear the logos of renowned Southeast Asia-made companies. We’ve seen the ones with Jollibee’s logo and mascot in the past (In case you didn’t know, Jollibee is a popular fast food chain from the Philippines); for the store opening, though, Uniqlo has introduced new designs, which feature the logo and image of Pop Mie and Ultra Milk, instant cup noodle and UHT milk brands respectively.

While these T-shirts may not be the most stylish or fashionable, they’re definitely fun. And what’s wrong with having some fun?


Uniqlo UT - Pop Mie Black


Uniqlo UT - Pop Mie White


Still, if you look for something more “tailored,” the new store also carries outfits from Uniqlo’s collaborative collection with New York-based brand, Theory.