Top 5 Looks from Populo Batik at PIMFW 2016

Day two of Plaza Indonesia Men’s Fashion Week (PIMFW) 2016, held in partnership with DA MAN, kicked off with Populo Batik and a play on contrasts




For the second day of PIMFW 2016, Populo Batik had the first slot. With the show was titled “Reversed,” the brand, which introduced its first batik collection back in 2013, played with the contrasting effects of 3D embellishments such as embossing and debossing, against structured weaves and flats.

The main idea behind the “Reversed” collection, which comes in gray and black, is to showcase three-dimensional patterns, material blocking as well as layering to bring a sense of modernity to the brand’s more traditional batik. This modern sensibility was further emphasized with the use of lightweight material. In the end, the brand managed to create a collection that looks both sporty and classic while still maintaining the values of traditional batik.

Here are top 5 favorite looks from the show: