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Top 5 Looks from PIMFW Day 3

Traditional met contemporary during the third day of Plaza Indonesia Men’s Fashion Week (PIMFW) 2015



Day three of PIMFW 2015 was quite a contradictory one. It was opened with a show from Alleira Batik, a brand that is known for its, as the name suggests, batik clothes. The brand has always been determined to modernize batik, and it definitely showed in Alleira’s new collection. In addition to classic batik shirts, the collection was also filled with batik trousers and fall-appropriate jackets and long coats. Some of the pieces came in bright, but never too flashy colors, which give the clothes the wearability factor.

The evening continued with a show by Dhanst by Dhanny, a brand specializing in classic men’s suits. With a collection that is dominated by black or gray, a dark purple-colored suit easily stood out. And for good reasons; the purple was subtle enough that it won’t make its wearer look like a character from a movie. Some pieces also came with capes that just looked, for a lack of a better word, cool.

And then it was time for ISIS’s show, which was just the complete opposite of the previous two. The models walked down the runway with colorful eye make up, while donning edgy cropped tops and skirts. The clothes come in white, green or red; sometimes all at once. They were difficult to swallow at times, but they were definitely an eye-opening experience. The show was closed by an array of celebrities such as Andy /Rif, Aryo Wahab, Mario Ginanjar and Teza Sumendra, who sang The Weeknd’s “I Can’t Feel My Face” live in the middle of the runway.


Here are our top 5 favorite looks:


Alleira Batik

Alleira Batik

Dhanst by Dhanny

Dhanst by Dhanny




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