This Bally Bag is at Wes Anderson’s Level of Whimsicality

BON VOYAGE. Bally’s spring/summer ’16 collection really “knows no limit”


bally bag2


Under the direction of Pablo Coppola, the brand drew inspiration from Wes Anderson’s whimsical movies.

As such, the collection features impish pairings like pajamas and cashmere robes, or bow ties with corduroy suits—basically, pairings that appear to be taken straight from the sets of films like “Moonrise Kingdom.”

If the clothes are a tad too cinematic, the new Voyage bag can be an equally stylish alternative. It has travel-themed emblems that one might find on a piece of luggage owned by a real globetrotter. Making it all the more special is the fact that said emblems came from vintage Bally packaging, making this bag a piece of history.