This Alessandro Michele-Approved Indonesian Artist Might Be Your Next Favorite Fashion Collaborator

HEAVENLY COMPOSITION. Collagist Fajar P. Domingo reaches new heights in this year’s #GucciGram Tian art project


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Fajar P. Domingo


Earlier this year, Gucci unveiled the second installment of the second #GucciGram Tian, a digital art project revolving around the fashion house’s Tian print. For this collaborative venture, creative director Alessandro Michele called for submissions from every nation under the heavens (only the Asia-Pacific region, actually; but “heavens” has a nicer ring to it, and is also the literal meaning of the word “tian”).

One of the works eventually selected was a set of collages made by Jakarta-based artist. DA MAN caught up with self-styled “amateur” collagist to learn more about his work for Gucci and his own style.


GucciGram 1
One of the collages submitted for #GucciGram Tian


DA MAN: Your artwork has been selected and featured by Gucci for #GucciGram Tian. How did you first find out about this project?
Fajar P. Domingo: Mr. Alessandro Michele emailed me out of the blue, asking me to collaborate with Gucci on the #GucciGram Tian promotion. He had chosen over 10 artists from all across Asia for #GucciGram Tian; I’m lucky to be one of them.

DA MAN: What was it that motivated you to take part?
Fajar P. Domingo: I saw the Gucci Tian pattern and it matched my style and taste. And when a well-known brand like Gucci gives me an opportunity to collaborate with them, of course it’s great.

DA MAN: Can you tell us about the idea behind the artwork that you submitted?
Fajar P. Domingo: Nature has its own beauty. We have to look closer and with an open mind to feel it.


GucciGram 2
Another collage for #GucciGram


DA MAN: Was this piece your sole submission, or did you send in more than one?
Fajar P. Domingo: I made two pieces and Gucci used both.

DA MAN: Will this lead to any future collaboration between you and Gucci?
Fajar P. Domingo: Yes, they [Gucci] say there will be more projects.

DA MAN: Looking back, how did you become the collagist that you are today? Has this art form always been your biggest passion?
Fajar P. Domingo: Yes, it is! I’m actually a graphic designer and collage is my biggest passion since I was kid when I would cut up my sister’s magazines and create my own world.

DA MAN: Do you have any new or upcoming projects that you can share with us?
Fajar P. Domingo: Some of the biggest local fashion brands have been contacting me, but it’s still confidential for now. I’ll let everybody know soon.



Those interested in seeing more of Fajar P. Domingo’s collages or purchasing his works can look him up on Instagram or head over to his personal page on the Society 6 website (



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A collage design by Fajar P. Domingo