These are the Men who Really Know Jakarta After Dark



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Ganindra Bimo

The Lady

If there’s one thing that everybody involved in “Jakarta Undercover” can agree on is that the movie is challenging. Another thing that they all would probably agree on is that Ganindra Bimo has the most challenging role. “I play as Awing, a worker in Jakarta’s nightlife scene—a dancer—who’s very funny, energetic, loyal,” he explains. Then the muscle-bound actor adds, “And girly. So, my character is a woman trapped in the body of a man. My body.”

Perhaps “challenging” is an understatement, as Bimo had to dig deep and learn a laundry list of mannerisms to get into character. And then there’s also dancing. Pole dancing, to be exact, which easier said than done for somebody more used to fight scenes. Nevertheless, he believes that it’s all worth it. “Even before the shooting started, I knew it would be worth it,” he exclaims. “Not everybody has the opportunity to play a character like that, and not everybody has the guts to do it.” He’s also not too worried about how people will react to his character and the way he brings Awing to life, concluding that, “if people end up bullying me or thinking that I’m actually like that, it means I did it right.”

More importantly, however, his work in “Jakarta Undercover” also highlights his growing ability as an actor, as subtly illustrated in a scene he finds especially memorable. “So, the scene has me going back after a party, and it was all done in one shot, no cuts, but I was supposed to be drunk together with Oka Antara’s character” he recalls. “So, I had to act drunk and stay in-character at the same time. Man, that was hard!”


Photography Wong Sim
Sidky Muhamadsyah
Videographer Dimas Anggakara

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