These are the Men who Really Know Jakarta After Dark


Outfit by Prada, shoes by Pedro


Baim Wong

The Businessman

You can’t have a movie about the dark underbelly of a major metropolitan city without the people who actually provide the relevant vices, right? This is where Baim Wong’s character, Yoga, comes in. “Yoga is a person who is deep in the nightlife scene, who has a wide social circle,” says the 35-year-old actor. “But he also has few real friends, as people always try to take advantage of him.”

Wong further describes his character as someone who is tough, leads a hard life and—interestingly—is married, albeit not happily. His journey takes a turn for the better, as he eventually befriends a prostitute named Laura, who is played by Tiara Eve. And while it’s hinted that Yoga might find atonement by taking Laura off the streets, it won’t be a surprise if both their fates are turned upside down again before the movie ends.

Still, while most Indonesian moviegoers enjoy good plot twists, can they also appreciate the uncomfortable gray areas highlighted by the movie? “That I don’t know, as until now, Indonesian audiences are hard to predict,” Wong concedes. “But I am satisfied with how the movie came together. A lot relies on editing, but for the cast and story, all I can say is ‘wow’—it’s just great.”

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