The Solutions to Underarm Problems You’re Too Scared to Ask are Here

Dove Men+Care answers your never-asked questions about underarm problems


dove men care deodorant the guide to complete underarm care


It’s pretty much general knowledge that men sweat more than their female counterparts. That, in turn, creates problems that most men prefer to tuck under their arms such as irritation and redness.

But a survey conducted by Dove Men+Care shows that 94 percent of men do care about the health of their armpits and underarm skin. It’s just that more than half of them simply doesn’t know where to look for information. Or, they’re just too uncomfortable to ask.

So Dove Men+Care has come up with an online portal, where men can feel safe to ask the underarm-related “frequently unasked questions, like, “Can scented deodorants cause irritation?” or “Why do my armpits burn?”

Called “The Guide to Complete Underarm Care,” the webpage is an ongoing project and it will be updated regularly with questions, solutions and tips provided by experts such as Dr. Terrence Keaney, style icon Eric Rutherford and more.

“The Guide to Complete Underarm Care” is live now on Dove Men+Care’s official website and the brand’s Medium page.