The Olympic-Inspired Tracksuit Trend is On the Right Track

The biggest “sports party” in the world is happening now, and a few major fashion houses are joining in the celebrations


Olympics 2016 Trend Track Jacket by Gucci
Outfit by Gucci


One of the key items in this Olympics-inspired trend is the humble tracksuit.

Valentino and Rag & Bone use leather as their main material, giving the sportswear essential a modern look without sacrificing comfort.

Gucci sticks to the basics by showcasing a simple tracksuit that carries its brand-new identity in the form of bee-shaped embroidery.

Naturally, fast fashion retailers like Zara and Topman have launched their own interpretations of this trend.



Photography Wong Sim
Styling Edwin Habibun
Grooming Irene Tedj
Styling Assistant Jay Robert Davies
Model Mitchell Wick/Chadwick