The New Adidas is Gold. Literally!

Adidas Originals have issued a number of Stan Smith shoes with heel tab in various colors, from black to navy to red to green. So it only makes sense if gold is the next color… Right?


adidas stan smith gold


Not just gold, mind you. But 24-karat gold.

Collaborating with German-based gold leaf manufacturer Eytzinger, Adidas Originals has splashed gold details into, in addition to the heel tab, the tongue and inner sole of its iconic Stan Smith and also Rod Laver models.


adidas stan smith gold-2


And this is just the start. Apparently, Adidas Originals is already looking to release other premium metal-detailed (silver and platinum) shoes in the near future.


adidas rod laver gold


adidas rod laver gold-2


The gold version will be available on Adidas’ website on July 15.