The Intense Stare of Cheyne Oglesby

DEEP YET GENTLE STARE. Californian native Cheyne Oglesby, is more than just your average male model. He’s an avid surfer as well as a loving farther

Jacket by Bond

DAMAN: Where were you born and raised?
Cheyne Oglesby: Born in Santa Barbara, California, raised in North County, San Diego.

DAMAN: Being that you were born and raised in California, are you the only one in your family who works in fashion and/ or entertainment? 
Cheyne Oglesby: I am the only person in my family in fashion/entertainment. I didn’t plan on being in fashion myself, I’m thankful it happened, it’s been a great time so far. After traveling 13 years, living in Europe and NYC, it’s nice that my career has brought me full circle and back to my home state.

Jacket by Bond

DAMAN: Your idea of happiness is?
Cheyne Oglesby: My son and wife Abbey. Family is everything to me.  Also, I feel it’s important to push yourself physically and mentally to stay sharp and happy. It’s important to train hard, but equally important to stay balanced and to be present in the moment.

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