Mario Minardi Comes to the Rescue for Uneven or Big Feet

THE ART OF BESPOKE. For anybody with hard-to-fit feet, Mario Minardi’s custom-made services are the right answer to the problem



For a surprisingly large number of people, finding a pair of shoes with the perfect fit can be a real challenge. Usually the problem stems from having feet that do not conform to standard shoe sizes or having left and right feet that are slightly different. The latter can be especially problematic if the difference is small enough to easily go unnoticed but large enough to make standard store-bought shoes uncomfortable to wear.

Fortunately, however, a growing number of brands are taking active steps to counter this conundrum, and at the forefront stands Mario Minardi. This family-owned company originated from Indonesia but famously has its roots in the world of traditional Italian shoemaking. Today, besides its impressive lineup of quality leather footwear, Mario Minardi offers made-to-order and bespoke shoemaking services to meet each customer’s individual tastes, flair and—most importantly—build.


“Instead of using a Brannock Device, they will use a 3D scanner that will accurately take measurements down to the millimeter”


In the made-to-order range, customers will be able to mix and match various shoe models, material, detailing, size and fit from a series of options prepared by the brand. For even more personalization, however, Mario Minardi’s bespoke service allows customers to fully customize a pair of shoes by having their feet measured in detail and everything tailored exactly to these measurements.


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