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Watch: Arbutus

DAMAN Watch Arbutus the beauty of a watch dial

INNER BEAUTY. Unlike the human face, the beauty of a watch dial takes into account more than just symmetries. That said, Arbutus’ new classic open coil watch cuts a handsome figure with an “open-heart” layout that features a small pod hole at 6 o’clock, readily revealing glimpses of the … [Read more...]

Watch: Baume & Mercier

DAMAN Baume & Mercier

IT’S COMPLICATED. One of the most interesting complications a watch could afford is a retrograde movement. So when Baume & Mercier, a luxury Swiss watch manufacturer since 1830, presents such a movement in its novelty, one would expect nothing less than timekeeping splendor. The Clifton … [Read more...]

Watch Spread: TAG Heuer’s Racing Signature Carrera

TAG Heuer’s racing signature Carrera

HIGH CALIBER. A bevy of technological and design innovations mark the 50-year milestone of TAG Heuer’s racing signature Carrera, while a new level of sophistication reinvents the ergonomic Link watch Carrera Calibre 36 Flyback Automatic Chronograph in 43mm polished steel case and black … [Read more...]

Watch: Gucci Handmaster Collection

DAMAN Gucci Handmaster Collection

MASTER OF TIME. There’s an indisputable sense of elegance associated with rectangular watches, not excluding those of the new Gucci Handmaster collection. Available in steel and gold, the timepiece takes on many of the house’s signatures, evident in the diamantepatterned dial and the stirrup … [Read more...]

Watch: Hermes


DREAM TEAM. Staying true to this year’s imaginative “Time to Dream” theme, the Hermès Dressage L’heure Masquée watch attracts attention with its curious “masked hour” function. While at first seemingly presented with only a minute hand, one press on the push-button at 9 o’clock … [Read more...]

Watch: IWC


DOWN BY THE SEA. Swiss watch manufacturer IWC showcases the depth of its love for all things oceanic with this year's expanded Aquatimer collection. One of the new boys is the Aquatimer Chronograph Edition “Expedition Jacques-Yves Cousteau,” easily recognizable thanks to its distinctive blue … [Read more...]