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Essentials: Hermes


KNITTY-GRITTY. If you ever come across ties that seem to have a thicker, rougher texture than the usual suspects, chances are, they are knitted ones. Hermès releases its own take on the classic tie this fall/winter, with seamlessly woven pieces that boast the best elements of silk and wool: … [Read more...]

Hermès Ties: The Ties that Binary


Looking to infuse a bit of humor into its usually elegant designs, Hermès’ latest set of ties features tech-savy designs that should please anybody’s inner geek. … [Read more...]

Fashion Feature: All Tied Up

Suit and shirt by Hugo Boss,  bow tie by Canali, belt  by Salvatore Ferragamo,  coat by Z Zegna

Since its creation, the tie has been reinvented in many variations and types of knots. As a sign of membership, or for decorative purposes, the tie is always a reliable accessory in menswear, as shown by this classy fashion shoot, featuring clothes and ties from Hugo Boss, Canali, Salvatore … [Read more...]

Men’s Fashion: Salvatore Ferragamo Animalistic Ties


Men's Fashion: Salvatore Ferragamo creates quite a rumble in your wardrobe with its collection of pet friendly ties. … [Read more...]

Etro’s Colorful Ties

etro spring summer 2011 paisley ties men accessories

Italian fashion brand, Etro, takes inspiration from half way around the world to create a new collection of colorful paisley ties, which are perfect for your festive days. … [Read more...]

Lanvin Ties 2011


Designer Men's Fashion from Lanvin's 2011 Collection All the glam, style and fashion a man needs Ties have evolved over the years from from standard business suit accessories to must-have fashion accessories today. They are now widely acknowledged by the world of professionals and … [Read more...]