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Exclusive Feature: Brian Shimansky

Bryan Shimansky 1

BRINGING SEXY BACK. Synonymous with the word “sexy,” Versace Eros fragrance model Brian Shimansky goes beyond skin deep and reveals to DA MAN who he wants to exchange role with for a day. Outfit by Issey Miyake Men In the middle of highly competitive modeling industry, Brian Shimansky is … [Read more...]

Cathy Sharon Exclusive in DA MAN


Indonesian celebrity Cathy Sharon is a spunky little firecracker, who exudes a fresh brand of sexy. Turning heads in Indonesia with MTV and as a TV presenter for a variety show, Cathy Sharon is a consummate entertainer. … [Read more...]

Marilyn Monroe: Marilyn, Unsheathed


Fifty years have passed since Marilyn Monroe’s untimely and mysterious death, but the original blonde bombshell has proven herself to be as alluring now as she was when she was still alive.   As the 50th anniversary of her passing draws nearer, a number of publications featuring … [Read more...]

Car Review: the MINI Cooper S Cabrio

Car Review: the MINI Cooper S Cabrio

Sexy and topless... Get ready Jakartans for a whole new dynamic in car pleasure—the true joy of cruising around the city totally topless, day or night. Welcome to the world of the MINI Cooper S Cabrio. By Renaldi Hutasoit   … [Read more...]

DA MAN Exclusive: Velove Vexia


V FOR VOLUPTUOUS. Actress Velove Vexia first turned everyone’s head when she starred in Olivia, an Indonesian TV show, as a girl disguised as her twin brother. DA MAN finds out that Velove may not be too far off from her breakthrough character: at first glance, a seemingly delicate girly girl and, … [Read more...]

Dynamic Donita: DA MAN Exclusive


Donita Ramadhani juggles her roles like the pro that she is. Between acting and singing, between filming a TV show and a full-length motion picture; between screaming at the top of her lungs in a horror flick and crying her eyes out in a drama movie; or between being a demure normal girl and a … [Read more...]