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Exclusive Feature: Brian Shimansky

Bryan Shimansky 1

BRINGING SEXY BACK. Synonymous with the word “sexy,” Versace Eros fragrance model Brian Shimansky goes beyond skin deep and reveals to DA … [Read more...]

Exclusive Feature: Cathy Sharon


Indonesian celebrity Cathy Sharon is a spunky little firecracker, who exudes a fresh brand of sexy. Turning heads in Indonesia with MTV and as a … [Read more...]

Marilyn Monroe: Marilyn, Unsheathed


Fifty years have passed since Marilyn Monroe’s untimely and mysterious death, but the original blonde bombshell has proven herself to be … [Read more...]

Car Review: the MINI Cooper S Cabrio

Car Review: the MINI Cooper S Cabrio

Sexy and topless... Get ready Jakartans for a whole new dynamic in car pleasure—the true joy of cruising around the city totally topless, day … [Read more...]

Exclusive Feature: Velove Vexia


V FOR VOLUPTUOUS. Actress Velove Vexia first turned everyone’s head when she starred in Olivia, an Indonesian TV show, as a girl disguised as … [Read more...]

Dynamic Donita: DA MAN Exclusive


Donita Ramadhani juggles her roles like the pro that she is. Between acting and singing, between filming a TV show and a full-length motion … [Read more...]