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Eat & Drink: Sake+ Boasts the Most Extensive Selection of Sake and Sochu

Eat+Drink 2

FOR GOOD TIMES' SAKE. After successfully ushering in the rise of European wines in Jakarta, VIN+ Group expands its portfolio by launching a … [Read more...]

Eat & Drink: Bengawan at Keraton at The Plaza Offers a Hangover Cure Fit for Royalty

Bengawan at Keraton

FIT FOR A KING. Had one too many drinks over the weekend? Bengawan at Keraton at The Plaza (Jl. MH. Thamrin Kav. 15, Jakarta, 7th floor; +62 21 … [Read more...]

Eat & Drink: JimBARan Outdoor Lounge

JimBARan Outdoor Lounge

CITY SANCTUARY. For those who like to let loose alfresco-style, it’s time to rejoice! Another outdoor oasis has been added to Jakarta’s … [Read more...]

Eats & Drinks: Restaurant & Lounge Carpediem

DAMAN Restaurant and Lounge Carpedlem Kemang Jakarta

SEIZE THE DAY. Japanese handmade furniture manufacturer Yamakawa Rattan has launched its new venture into the food and beverage business with … [Read more...]

Eats & Drinks: Potato Head Folk

Potato Head Folk

FOUR IN ONE. Potato Head Folk (36 Keong Saik Rd., Singapore; +65 6327 1939; packs a whole lot of punch into Chinatown’s … [Read more...]

Eats & Drinks: Akira Back


BACK ATTACK. From the world-renowned Yellowtail Restaurant in Bellagio, Las Vegas, chef Akira Back brings in his distinctive touch and inventive … [Read more...]