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Exclusive Feature: Dara Warganegara

Feature Darling Dara R0

DARING DARA. With her oriental beauty gracing a number of national fashion publications, Dara Warganegara is on a roll. Little did people know that her start is far from it all. Gabriela Yosefina delves into the mind of the exotic model, revealing her aspiration in the fashion world and where … [Read more...]

Essentials Review: The UltiMate Suit from Raoul


ULTIMATE MEASURE. What’s amazing about Raoul’s UltiMate Suit is not its sleek silhouette, nor the European-milled wool that forms the fabric, nor the mesh padding that makes the jacket breathable and perfect for humid weather. The UltiMate Suit lives up to its name due to the fact … [Read more...]

Exclusive Fashion Feature: Dillon Casey of ‘The Vow’ [Update]


The giant billboard in Times Square that bore an image of Dillon Casey in his underwear has long been taken down, following the cancellation of MVP, a TV series he starred in. But that hasn't stopped the Canadian/American actor from striving to make a name as big as his old billboard. … [Read more...]

Braun Büffel Men’s Bags


BRAUN BÜFFEL: GERMAN CRAFTMANSHIP.  Contemporary yet refined, the Braun Büffel men's range of high-class leather bags from the 125-year-old German fashion label continues to hold true to the brand's traditional heritage of craftmanship. Reflecting Braun Büffel's modern and classic spirit, these … [Read more...]

Men’s Runway Fashion winter 2012: The Gent in Red


Men's Runway Fashion fall-winter 2012: The Gent in Red. Proclaiming boldness and confidence, red is the sexiest primary color this season. Men in red can certainly command attention. Raoul   … [Read more...]

DA MAN Fashion Spread: Step Up Your Fashion A-Game


STEPPING UP. Author and social commentator Herbert Harold Vreeland once said, "Clothes don't make a man, but clothes have got many a man a good job." So as you climb the stairs of your career, remember that quote and these stylish threads, literally on the stairway of life. Denim shirt by Uniqlo, … [Read more...]