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Picks: Nautica


BOOTS ON THE GROUND. Nautica puts aside its classic nautical leitmotif this fall/winter and instead delves into traditional military and utilitarian designs as the primary form of inspiration. The brand embraces clothing with role-defined functionality, emphasizing the ease of dressing in … [Read more...]

Watch Review: NST 501 from Nautica


Drawing inspiration from the depths of the sea, Nautica has introduced a new sport watch, the NST 501, which goes for dark and mysterious in terms of color and design. … [Read more...]

Breitling: Time Flies

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The consummate partner of the world of aviation for a century, Breitling is a specialist in technical timepieces and has played a crucial role in the development of the wrist chronograph. Left: Breitling Transocean, Steel case with Black and black Croco Strap, Jacket by Y-3, Scarf by H.E. By … [Read more...]