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DA MAN Challenge: Dance with Kimmy, Kelly & Simona


  "Sexy is a state of mind." But what about fun?   We challenged three Indonesian-based famous models Kimmy Jayanti, Kelly Tandiono and Simona Travnickova to dance to our funky remix! Watch the challenge in the video below and cast your vote for the BEST DANCER: [yop_poll … [Read more...]

Exclusive Feature: Raline Shah

Feature Darling Ralinshah

MISS INDEPENDENT. Growing up with a zoo as practically her house backyard, actress Raline Shah is not your ordinary beauty pageant favorite. Her role as Fatma Pasha in “99 Cahaya di Langit Eropa” is anything but sexy, yet this seductive ingénue reveals to Chris Andre how power is life’s most … [Read more...]

Grooming: Aphrodisiac Soap


APHRODISIAC ALLURE. By definition, Valentine’s Day is a holiday to celebrate love. But what is romance without passion?   After all, as Stephen King once wrote, “For men, I think, love is a thing formed of equal parts lust and astonishment.” The astonishment part, we can’t really help you … [Read more...]

Exclusive Feature: Petra Nemcova

Feature Petra 1

Traveler, philanthropist and entrepreneur are just some of the hats Petra Nemcova wears. During her visit to Indonesia, the supermodel shows Gabriela Yosefina that she can have fun, too, while sharing one impossible dream. Dress by Valentino, jewelry by Chopard It is hard not to notice a … [Read more...]

Exclusive Feature: Brian Shimansky

Bryan Shimansky 1

BRINGING SEXY BACK. Synonymous with the word “sexy,” Versace Eros fragrance model Brian Shimansky goes beyond skin deep and reveals to DA MAN who he wants to exchange role with for a day. Outfit by Issey Miyake Men In the middle of highly competitive modeling industry, Brian Shimansky is … [Read more...]