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DA MAN August-September 2014 Issue


DA MAN August-September 2014 Issue Promotional Video … [Read more...]

Oka Antara: The Original Killer

Oka Antara: The Incidental Star

The series of events in Oka Antara’s life seem like fragments that make up the puzzle of a fated life in the limelight. To DA MAN, he opens up about his beginnings as an actor, getting into the mind of a serial killer and the transition from music to film. Check out our interview with Oka … [Read more...]

John Hardy: Double Dragon

360 Essentials2

John Hardy’s iconic dragon-inspired Naga collection has always been one of the jeweler’s standouts and the fall-winter 2012 version of Naga is no different from its predecessors. … [Read more...]

Indonesia’s Weekly Art Activities from July 23, 2012 [revised]


DA MAN’s fashionable roundup of art activities, art events and art exhibitions in and around the galleries and auction houses of Indonesia and beyond, from July 23, 2012 … [Read more...]

DA MAN Fashion Spread: The White Out


Pure white can be generated by such things as electric incandescence and the sun. Because white is at the extreme end of the visual spectrum (both hue and shade), and because white is seen as clouds, fresh snow and a variety of coveted flowers, it has grown a reputation with plenty of symbolism. But … [Read more...]

Exclusive photos and Interview of Sean O’Pry


Sean O'Pry has been around the world in the last couple years. The world's most popular male model, O'Pry's face has been gracing the covers of the best fashion magazines in every corner of the globe. Not bad for a small-town boy from rural Georgia. Pants, leather, shirt and leather jacket by … [Read more...]