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Living: Bougies La Française Candle


LIGHT OF MY LIFE. More than a mere source of light, candle is an invaluable element to a décor. It adds light and shadows to a space, thus giving depth by highlighting and dimming it in the right places.     Yet there’s the scented candle that aptly sets the tone to a … [Read more...]

Eat + Drink: Nouvelle

nouvelle 2

NOUVELLE CUISINE. The result of the marriage between east and west, Nouvelle (Equity tower, Ground Floor, Jl. Jendral sudirman kav. 52-53, Jakarta; +62 21 515 1356; www.nouvelle.co.id) offers unique selections of French dishes with a strong Japanese influence. At first glance, the … [Read more...]

Eat + Drink: Café Gitane Kemang


FRENCH CRISP. Hearty and comforting as a snug duvet, Café Gitane (Jl. Benda Raya 14, Jakarta; +62 21 780 5671; www.cafegitanejkt.com) offers a selection of simple French comfort food with honest-to-god fresh ingredients.   Simplicity is key, and it certainly rings true when referring to the … [Read more...]

Eat & Drink: Le Quartier

Le Quartier Jakarta

CLOSE QUARTERS. Stepping into the threshold of Le Quartier (Jl. Gunawarman no.34, Jakarta; +62 21 7278 8001; www.lequartier.co.id), patrons are greeted with a convivial ambience of rustic wood and not-too-shabby chic décor. Like a beloved neighborhood restaurant in an obscure nook … [Read more...]

Eat+Drink: Bistro Gourmand


FUSION REPLETION. Combining the rich and light in a perfect fusion of delectable dishes, Jakarta’s Bistro Gourmand (Street Gallery, ground floor, G-08 Pondok Indah Mall, Jakarta; +62 21 750 6750) gives its classic French fares a Japanese twist. While traditional dishes such as the … [Read more...]

Eat+Drink: Cassis


FRENCH TRYSTS. One of Jakarta’s prime French restaurants, Cassis (Pavilion Apartment, Retail Arcade, Jl. K.H. Mas Mansyur Kav. 24, Jakarta; +62 5794 1500; www.cassis-gourmand.com) has brought in Michelin starred chef Jerome Laurent to revamp the menu with a delectable … [Read more...]